Level:   Beginner

Beg speaking.png

Talk about the topics you care about. The beginner class include a variety of topics including shopping, travelling, foods, fears, and sport!

Level:   Free

Free-level speaking.png

Free-level classes are designed for every level of student to learn from. They are used in the 'Coffee & Chat' group class in Jack's English academy, and cover topics such as food, culture, social issues, and travel.

Level:   Intermediate

Int Speaking.png

These classes are from the 'Discussion & Debate' group classes held in the academy. As this is intermediate level, we cover slightly more challenging topics from news articles, blog posts and magazines.

Level:   Advanced

Adv Speaking.png

Advanced topics will challenge even the the most fluent of English speakers! Now we cover the kind of material that native speakers read or watch, including news articles and some of the most popular TED talks.