Open level:   Pub Culture

Time to learn an important part of British culture...the pub! I think there are some interesting differences between the pubs of Britain and the bars/hoffs of Korea. In this lesson, you will learn the important rules, expressions and social situations you can encounter in a pub. I hope you get to experience the real thing!


Beginner:     Afraid of heights

Are you afraid of heights? In this lesson, we learn about phobias. There are many types of phobias: fear of spiders, heights, snakes, clowns...

Download this lesson to learn some new vocabulary and phrases on this subject so you can describe your fears!

Together at the Top

Open level:   Eating habits

We all have good and bad eating habits! I know my love for fried chicken is one of my very bad habits! This lesson explores our relationship with food and the way we eat. You will learn several new words and expressions related to the topic, and perhaps have a chance to think about some habits you need to fix!

Colorful Food

Open level:   Cultural differences

In our ever shrinking world, it is important to understand the differences between cultures and know how to respect them. This lesson is about the differences between cultures and sharing your experiences from travel or interacting with others. I'm sure you all have interesting stories!

Happy Girls

Intermediate:   Smartphone use

Are we using our smartphones too much? Is it changing the way we communicate and socialize? We look at these questions and many more in this lesson. I'm guilty of using my smartphone too much but it's a hard habit to change!

Businesswoman in white

Advanced:    The state of education

This is a fascinating talk by Sir Ken Robinson about the current state of education, particularly in the US. Interestingly, they seem to have a lot of similarities to Korea. This lesson looks closely at his TED talk and questions what makes a good education system.

In the Classroom